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 Richmond Chiropractic Services


Chiropractic Services: Advanced Chiropractic Care, Corrective Exercises for measurable results.   


Richmond Chiropractic provides the following:

Advanced Chiropractic Care

Dr Sanvir will perform a series of carefully chosen chiropractic techniques to make adjustments to the alignment of the spine so that the communication from the brain to the body can flow freely. This helps to rebalance and restore healthy function of the muscles, joints, bones and nerves. By removing the misalignments and strains, pressure is relieved from the muscular-skeletal system optimising brain-body communication, which in turn allows the body to repair and heal itself.

You will first come in for an initial check-up to determine the root cause of your imbalances, using our unique 10-step chiropractic check-up. From there a personalised care plan is formulated to get your body back to a healthy range, helping you to do the things you love in life.

Posture Correction

Dr Sanvir helps improve and optimise the posture of clients from all walks of life. Servicing the Richmond area and surrounding communities including St. Margarets, Twickenham, Chiswick, Sheen, Kew, Barnes, Kingston, Isleworth, Ham, Teddington, Putney, Kensington, Brentford, Hounslow and more.

To achieve postural correction, a combination of advanced chiropractic techniques are selectively applied to help address imbalances and promote stability. We also recommend specially tailored stretches and exercises to strengthen muscles that are weak and promote postural correction and stabilisation. Often clients in this category may not experience pain but have a strong desire to improve and optimise their posture for better performance and to avoid long-term issues caused by poor posture.

The 10-Step Measurement-Based Richmond Chiropractic Check-up (First Visit & Report of Findings)

Healing Hands have developed one of the most thorough chiropractic examinations available in the UK today. Our complete 10-step mind-body examination helps us arrive at an accurate integrated root-cause diagnosis. From there we create a unique personalised care plan that delivers the most effective level of healing. By assessing a wide range of health variables, we make insightful connections for a purposeful, very specific, measurement-based personalised healing plan to correct the imbalances.

For the latest price of our Unique Chiropractic Assessment please check our Prices page

Advanced Chiropractic Adjustments (Postural Correction & Chiropractic Care)

A combination of advanced chiropractic adjustments will be given upon each of your chiropractic care visits. After reporting to reception, you simply walk downstairs, get comfortable by laying on one of the chiropractic care benches to prepare your mind and body to receive your adjustments.

Personalised Chiropractic Care Plan


Your personalised corrective programme will be formulated based upon the measurements of the initial 10-step chiropractic assessment. This will be discussed during your Report of Findings on your second visit. The unique personalised healing plan is delivered as part of the healing journey.

Corrective Stretches and Exercises
(Included as part of the Care Plan)

You will receive personal guidance and instruction about key exercises to support your healing journey and accelerate your postural correction.