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Providing measurable results for our clients.

I have Scoliosis and my back has seen a great improvement, would recommend to anyone who has a bad back or simply wants to feel refreshed!!”


What do we offer for our chiropractic clients?

At our Healing Hands Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond, we focus on delivering spinal and postural correction, using advanced chiropractic techniques, to promote health and vitality, reduce nerve interference and optimise muscular-skeletal function and brain-body communication.

Our mission is to help clients with mind-body health issues, to thrive again and enjoy life using measurement-based chiropractic principles and advanced chiropractic techniques.


How does your chiropractic process work?

First, we conduct our unique 10-step chiropractic check-up to identify the imbalances, the root cause of the problem and related symptoms. The results, images, and measurements are clearly communicated to you to promote clarity, insight and confidence in the process.

Secondly, we implement a personalised healing plan to address the imbalances and positively impact the measurements from the initial 10-step assessment, using advanced chiropractic techniques. By using this approach, which includes scheduled progress reports, we are able to deliver measurable results to our clients -Healing Hands Chiropractic.

Health and Spinal History

Step one during the First Visit to give us context

Weight Distribution Check

To evaluate friction and pressure on joints

X-rays (if clinically required)

Detailed structural and postural analysis of the spine

Postural Measurements

Detailed posture picture with measurements

Nerve Function Scan

Are nerves over working or under-performing?

EMG Spinal Muscle Scan

Measuring muscle performance

Heart Rate Variability

Measuring Stress Levels

Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels

We correlate this with the heart rate variability

Detailed Muscle and Joint Palpation

Do all muscles and joints feel on-point?

What typical conditions do your chiropractors help with?

Most of our clients come to us with some form of trapped nerve, chronic back pain, sciatica, neck pain, persistent headaches, posture imbalances, scoliosis, or other muscular skeletal issues such as joint pain. We also see clients who report impaired balance and coordination, stiffness, tissue achiness, reduced mobility and a sub-optimal nerve function -Healing Hands Chiropractic.

Note that this list is not exhaustive but shows the most common conditions and symptoms clients present with. If you’re not sure if you fit into any of these categories you can book a free telephone consultation with us by calling our clinic during opening hours on 02089 489 102.

You will receive over 11 years of clinical experience to ensure measurable results if you’re suffering from muscular skeletal and related neurological imbalances. With more than 100 5-star online reviews and many emails and letters thanking us, we demonstrate a well-documented proven track record and take the health and wellbeing of our clients to heart.

Our clinic offers advanced chiropractic and massage therapy through which we deliver the best result we’re able to. We conduct one of the most thorough chiropractic assessments available in the UK right now. This allows us to arrive at a clear picture of the imbalances you present with. From the root cause diagnostic we design and administer the right chiropractic care and soft-tissue therapy.

How can I start my chiropractic journey?

You can simply drop by the clinic during opening hours to speak to us in person or call us using our 24-7 booking line. The most important step is for one of our resident chiropractors to perform an in-depth chiropractic assessment to establish a root cause diagnosis. We’ll discuss the findings with you afterwards and walk you through the results of our very thorough 10-step chiropractic examination, and show how the data relates to your complaints and issues -Healing Hands Chiropractic.

Once this is done we can make personal recommendations and discuss available treatment options.

Our Numbers

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Some interesting facts

Did you know…?

More than half of all people will have back pain at some point in their lives, and most individuals over 60 years of age have had some significant trauma to their spine.

Bad posture, headaches, neck pain, poor sleep, low energy, migraines and joint pain have never been more prominent than they are today.

What are the reasons behind this?

  • Prolonged driving
  • Long hours in front of a desk and computer
  • Improper office chairs and desks
  • Bad ergonomics
  • Poor diet
  • Improper pillow and mattress
  • Accidents and traumas (including minor ones)
  • Injuries from sport 
  • Any repetitive movement
  • Stress/stressful situations

These factors play a role in creating stress points on the spine and stress zones on the muscles that may move the spine out of alignment.

Did you know…?

According to research, 43.2% of women have had some type of tension or cervicogenic headache.

Nerve pressure can result in numbness, tingling and the feeling of pins and needles in almost any part of the body but eventually can progress to sharp stabbing pains. Any pressure on the autonomic nervous system may start to affect organ health and function.

What should we do when we start to get pain?

We should get properly assessed so that we can determine why the pain is there and where it’s coming from. Is it referred pain? Is the spine misaligned and stressing out the muscles? Is it purely muscular? Is it postural? What is the actual state of the spine? Is there damage or arthritis? Are the discs plump and healthy? Were we born with any odd-shaped vertebra (congenital abnormalities)?

The strategy moving forward towards amazing health and energy looks at altering lifestyles by removing stressors and by finding ways to allow the body to start healing itself naturally as a result of correcting imbalances and taking pressure off joints, muscles and nerves. Better dietary decisions have an impact on health in general and are a significant part of health and vitality. Teaching mindfulness and meditation is a great way of helping all facets of health including mind, body and spirit, for a fuller and more holistic approach to health care.

Chiropractic spinal care may help with:

  • Reducing sick days at work
  • Getting back to sports and exercise
  • Being active and pain-free
  • Increasing strength
  • Increasing vitality
  • Getting back to normal life
  • Reducing re-injuries
  • And much, much more.


Take a look at a larger list of health issues we may help with on our Services page.

Despite offering advanced chiropractic care and one of the most thorough chiropractic assessments available in the UK today, we offer very cost-effective chiropractic care prices. Getting advanced chiropractic care is now affordable.

Who Are Our Chiropractic Clients?


Our clients are people from different walks of life who are seeking a high level of chiropractic care and massage therapy to restore balance, health, mobility and optimal mind-body communication for comfortable, healthy living so they can do what they love most in life.

Some issues we’re helping our clients with include:

Tried other therapies?
Nothing has worked well so far? Don’t worry …

We welcome challenging cases,
as we often start where others have given up.

What can we help with?

What our Clients say about :

-Moe E

Dr Sanvir is the man. I used to suffer with regular headaches, stiff neck and shoulder, and lower back pain for as long as I can remember. Within 2 weeks, 90% of the pain went away and after 3 months my spine is pretty much straight, fewer headaches and no pain in my neck, shoulder or lower back. My sleeping has improved as well! All the staff are fantastic, warm and welcoming, I was sceptical at first but thought I would give them a try. Never did I think I would see such a great improvement so quickly. – Moe E.


Before Christmas I was suffering from pain in my lower back area. A friend recommended me to this clinic so I decided to give it a try and I am so pleased that I did. Not only has the pain gone away, but you can see the difference how my posture was and hot it is now. Thank you DrSanvir.

- Evan R.

I have been seeing Dr Sanvir since June 2015. Before coming to see him, I struggled with my joints – It was extremely painful and difficult to bend. I Q been suffering with this for the past year but it kept getting worse. Sanvir has shown me the beneficial value of chiropractic in both mind and body. Following the beneficial sessions for my joints, he has also devoted time to work on my back which had worn with age. I am now feeling much better, both mentally and physically.

- Sarah

My first visit was in February 2011, after year of back pain and associated symptoms. Myself and my family are now complete converts to the benefits of chiropractic treatment and wish to share our story with anyone investing in their health. I have always suffered from lower back pain since being a teenager. I knew there was a weakness there. My back pain continued in my twenties but was no more than an uncomfortable ache, something that I ignored and put up with. During my pregnancy with my first baby, I suffered with terrible back ache which was compounded by a difficult labour and birth. The year following my daughter’s birth was challenging.

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Tried other therapies? Nothing has worked well so far? Don’t worry …

We welcome you and your family to experience a truly beautiful healing journey with our advanced chiropractic care, reflexology and deep tissue massage therapy.

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