One of the UK’s Most Thorough Chiropractic Assessments



Initial 10-step Chiropractic Assessment



Health and Spinal History


Weight Distribution


X-rays (if clinically required)


Nerve Function Scan


Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels


Initial Postural Analysis


Heart Rate Variability


Postural Measurements


EMG Spinal Muscle Scan


Detailed Muscle and Joint Palpation

Healing Hands performs one of the most thorough measurement-based chiropractic assessments available in the UK today.

Q. What exactly does this initial Chiropractic Assessment involve?

The 10-step Initial Chiropractic Assessment explained

It consists of a (45-minute) first visit during which we thoroughly examine you, using our unique 10-step chiropractic assessment, to link symptoms with muscular-skeletal and neurological conditions. We achieve this by using advanced chiropractic knowledge and cutting-edge technology, to obtain very precise and objective measurements. The thoroughness and rigour of the process uncovers root causes and related issues, crucial for the effective design of a measurement-based personal healing plan. A detailed in-person presentation of the findings is communicated to you during the (45-minute) follow up visit, completing the initial assessment process.

The Breakdown of our thorough
(45-minute) Initial Consultation :

1. Health and Spinal History

Your medical history and that of your family, past and present. Aches, pains, disfunction, known mobility issues, traumas, accidents, and symptoms are recorded on a timeline. Key health factors are also discussed and noted to cover all major systems of the body.

2. Initial Postural Analysis

Initial palpation of the spine is done, fully clothed, whilst conducting the above posture analysis and weight distribution measurements to correlate the shape and overall direction of the joints, spine, and structure.

3. Weight Distribution

A posture analysis and weight distribution measurement help to identify postural imbalances, compensations and biomechanical issues creating extra pressure on joints and ligaments, and issues such as compression of nerves and internal organs.