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Our Richmond Chiropractic Team

We have a passion for measurement-based chiropractic and deep tissue massage therapy to deliver the best results to our clients. We use cutting-edge technology for assessing and measuring, and advanced chiropractic techniques for rebalancing the body to provide our clients with the highest level of care.

We love to use measurement-based chiropractic methods to deliver measurable results. Our state-of-the-art technology helps us take accurate readings and measurements to understand the imbalances and related symptoms. From there we formulate a personal healing plan to rebalance the body. Using advanced chiropractic techniques, deep tissue massage and specialist equipment, we provide the chiropractic care required to restore balance to the mind and body.

Dr Sanvir Maharaj

(Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr Sanvir was born and raised in sunny Durban, South Africa where he was introduced to chiropractic spinal care early on in life. He suffered from neck and back pain from the tender age of six years.

His mum thankfully introduced Sanvir to the power of chiropractic, which fuelled his interest in the health sciences. Sanvir’s whole family found chiropractic care safe, gentle and effective when dealing with their health issues, which left a lasting positive impression.

His personal experience with pain and spinal issues found him searching for answers in:

Pharmacy (1st-year Pharmacy, Rhodes University, South Africa) then Chemistry and Biochemistry (1st, 2nd and 3rd year, University of Durban-Westville).


Eventually Chiropractic school seemed like the obvious winner. An intense six years at the Durban University of Technology helped Sanvir obtain a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic focussed on:


Pain relief (all joints in the body + muscular pain + nerve pain)


Posture and spinal correction


Sports injuries


Paediatric + infant care


Pregnancy care



“I went on to work with one of the largest chiropractic groups in Europe. This helped me perfect my skills and gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the very best chiropractors in the world. The mentoring and training received has helped me develop my advanced chiropractic skills. Having helped thousands of families and individuals over the years, it was a dream come true for me to set up my own clinic.”

“My 5th year of chiropractic school especially helped me develop as a health professional. A serious car accident left me with a shattered right arm and extensive nerve damage. Steel plates were used to piece the bones together but sadly the nerve damage left the arm with barely any function and extremely weak. As a practicing chiropractor this could have been the end of my career… Whilst in pain myself and uncertain of my future I resolved to do everything necessary to get well.

With the support of family and friends, I devised my own rehabilitation and strengthening program which included regular chiropractic adjustments, exercises, stretches and visualisations.

After a gruelling 8 months I thankfully managed to regain function and strength give me a second chance at life.”

This unique experience gave him the expertise and confidence in the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

Over the last decade he has worked with one of the largest providers of chiropractic care in Europe which gave him the platform to help thousands of families and athletes from more than 4 continents and over 20 countries. Thanks to his unique personal experience, his passion, focus and commitment to helping people regain optimal health and vitality is unrivalled.

He’s a very warm and upbeat person with a tremendous sense of humour. As a real dog lover he wants you to know that our clinic is dog friendly. We always have a bowl of fresh water and dog treats ready at the entrance. You can bring your dog with you to the clinic.

Dr. Chintan Pankhania
(Doctor of Chiropractic)

“Dr Chintan delivers one of UK’s most thorough Chiropractic Assessment allowing him to obtain a clear root cause diagnosis. This ensures safe and effective treatment for his patients who can expect measurable results.

He always had a strong affinity for the medical sciences which led him to complete a first degree in biomedical science at King’s College. This laid down a strong foundation after which he pursued a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic to become a fully certified Doctor of Chiropractic.

He chose Chiropractic because of its safe and non-invasive nature, and also to enjoy the opportunity to help patients from start to finish.

Dr. Chintan Pankhania

He has been involved with providing services to athletes and the police force whilst his clinical experience allowed him to stretch as far as India.


He’s received training from top UK Chiropractors belonging to one of the biggest group in Europe and one of the most prolific clinics.


Whilst at University he received additional training in sport and therapeutic massage techniques.


He was also trained in the McKenzie method for providing corrective stretches and exercises designed to improve function and reduce pain of the lower back.

To book your Initial Chiropractic Assessment please call our 24/7 Booking line on 020 8948 9102.

Dr Henrique Esteves (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr Henrique Esteves Chong

(Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr Henrique delivers measurable results to our clients using a combination of chiropractic adjustment techniques. The chiropractic care provided is based upon a measurement-based approach for a well rounded healing experience. Care is aimed at rehabilitating neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as headaches, neck and back pain, muscular issues, sports injuries, balance and coordination imbalances and more.

He integrates a range of the most effective adjustments methods in each session, based upon the root cause diagnosis established through the initial chiropractic assessment.

He’s from a village called Beddau just outside of Cardiff and studied at the Welsh Institute Of Chiropractic where he completed his Master Degree of Chiropractic with distinction.

When asked why he became a Chiropractor he answered: “I played a lot of basketball and tennis in the past causing a number of injuries. In the search for healing of these it eventually led me to a chiropractor where i was treated and rehabilitated taking my health and wellbeing to a whole new level. Having been inspired by my own results, led me to a quest to become a skilled Doctor of Chiropractic in order to positively impact people’s lives in the same way mine was”.

“The best part about my profession is helping the client heal and reap the benefits of chiropractic as I did. The satisfaction of helping someone reduce pain and recovering mobility is very humbling and never gets old.

He integrates a range of the most effective adjustments methods in each session, based upon the root cause diagnosis established through the initial chiropractic assessment:


Pain relief (neuromusculoskeletal)


Back pain, Sciatica, Neck pain relief


Sport & Soft Tissue injuries


Exercise & Rehabilitation


Spinal-manipulative therapy


Effective Adjustment Methods

Morgan Beale Sport Rehabilitation Expert

Morgan Beale Msc
(Sport Rehabilitation Specialist)

Morgan’s journey into the world of sport rehabilitation began in the lush landscapes of New Zealand, the place he first called home. His formative years were spent in Bedfordshire after his family’s migration, which set the stage for his London-bound aspirations.

Fate, disguised as a sprinting accident leading to a hamstring injury, pointed him toward a career dedicated to the healing and empowerment of others through injury rehabilitation. Pursuing his passion, Morgan advanced his knowledge at St. Mary’s University in Twickenham, London, where he mastered the intricacies of Sport Rehabilitation and honed his expertise with a degree in Applied Strength and Conditioning Science.

Morgan’s hands have brought relief and recovery through his weekday clinic work, where dedication meets a breadth of experience. His skill set extends to the vigorous demands of Amateur men’s rugby, the spirited challenges of Club and County Youth rugby (U17s & U18s), the dynamic thrills of Men’s and Women’s Club Australian Rules Football, and the international arena with the Men’s National Team Australian Rules Football.

While Morgan’s professional life is steeped in the science of rehabilitation and the roar of the sports field, his cinematic tastes reveal a love for the enduring tales of resilience and redemption, with ‘Gladiator’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ claiming the titles of his all-time favourite films.

Morgan Beale – transforming setbacks into comebacks with expert rehabilitation and conditioning, guiding athletes and clients from all walks of life, back to a state of peak performance.


Sport Rehabilitation Expert


Applied Strength and Conditioning


Hamstring and Sprinting-related Injury Care


Rugby and Football Injury Specialist


Deep Tissue Massage


Sport Massage Therapist


Rehabilitation Exercises & Stretches

Sadia Barlow

(Chiropractic Clinic Manager)

“I started working here at Healing Hands Chiropractic over a year ago. After observing an increasing number of happy clients, I requested a full assessment – literally to see what all the fuss was about! After just three adjustments my sleeping pattern improved dramatically. After years of sleep problems, I was sleeping as soon as my head touched the pillow. In addition to this, a chronic neck pain that I’d suffered with for over a year also disappeared! Needless to say I am totally converted to chiropractic care and continue to receive regular adjustments. Having seen first-hand the dramatic effects that advanced chiropractic has had on me, I encourage everyone to give it a try.”

As well as working at the clinic, Sadia runs her own successful photography business with her husband. They specialise in portraits and event photography including weddings. Sadia enjoys reading, and her all-time favourite book is To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. Sadia is passionate about music and loves to dance! Her ‘All-Time Top 10’ includes ‘Kissing a Fool’ by George Michael, ‘No 1 Party Anthem’ by the Arctic Monkeys, and ‘Fools Gold’ by the Stone Roses. Sadia lives with her husband and three children.

Jean Leonard - Chiropractic Assistant Healing Hands Chiropractic

Jean Leonard
(Part-time Chiropractic Assistant)

Jean joined Healing Hands in 2020 after a career as a health care professional. She finds Healing Hands Chiropractic Consultation Process, Report of Findings very informative and fascinating and has herself benefited from chiropractic adjustment.

Jean is interested in History and works part-time as a volunteer at the National Archive Kew. She also enjoys cycling, gardening and sings with a local choir.


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