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Chiropractic in Richmond Prices

One of the UK’s Most Thorough Chiropractic Assessments

Initial Chiropractic Assessment

One of UK's Most Thorough Chiropractic Assessments & Initial Consultation

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Here is everything you get as part of your New Patient Consultation (Visit 1 & 2):

Visit 1 (45min)

Thorough 10-step Initial Chiropractic Checkup Includes:

1.   Health and Spinal History
2.   Initial Posture Analysis
3.   Weight Distribution
4.  Detailed Muscle and Joint Palpation
5.   Postural Measurements
6.   Nerve Function Scan
7.   EMG Spinal Muscle Scan
8.   Heart Rate Variability Scan
9.   Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels
10. X-rays (if clinically required)*


Visit 2 (45min)
Follow Up Report of Findings includes:

You receive an in-person report of findings from the 1st visit, all measurements, tests, x-rays, posture pictures, scans discussed. This helps establish the root cause.

If treatment is recommended a separate charge of £55 (payg) applies.

Book Your Initial Assessment(80% Off) Now Only £59.95