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Neck Pain Chiropractic Care

Neck Pain & Whiplash Video 

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Some common symptoms of neck pain are: 

  • Stiff neck
  • Sharp pain
  • General soreness
  • Radiating pain
  • Pins and needles, numbness, or weakness
  • Loss of strength when gripping or lifting objects
  • Tension headaches

To help our clients with neck pain, here at Healing Hands Chiropractic, we always start by establishing a clear root cause and related symptoms. We do this by conducting our unique 10-step chiropractic check-up. Understanding what’s going on in your body and what’s contributing to the problem is key for making a root cause diagnosis, so we can formulate a measurement-based care plan.

Our chiropractic care focuses on taking the pressure off any pinched nerve, restoring alignment, promoting postural correction and optimising your central nervous system. Our chiropractic care is totally personalised to your particular case and consists of a combination of a key selection of carefully applied chiropractic techniques to bring about structural and postural adjustments.

This helps rebalance the body to a healthy range, which promotes healing. The alignment and postural correction allow the muscles to return to normal function, increasing mobility and range of motion, while optimising the central nervous system. Inflammation, which is the body’s natural healing response, will typically ease along with the body showing improved structural alignment and function.