Holistic Massage in Richmond

What is Holistic Massage?

Holistic Massage has become quite well-known as a form of physical therapy that focuses on the physical as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the person. Holistic therapeutical massage stimulates the blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage to help the body detoxify. It also creates the right atmosphere and space to promote healing whilst taking into account the whole person and the healing goals they are pursuing. A lot of stress and issues beginning in the emotional, spiritual and mental life of a person manifest in the physical body. This is sometimes referred to as psychosomatic. Releasing these psychosomatic blockages of energy helps the body restore to a more balanced and grounded state and healthier expression of oneself.

Holistic Massage is derived from the word Holistic which has its roots in the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘wholistic’. An Holistic Massage session treats the whole body and is always tailored and adapted to each specific client. It incorporates a lot of other massage techniques such as deep tissue, gentle touch and other variations.

As our resident Holist Massage therapist Andree puts it:

“I believe that our physical body represents the Powerhouse of all impressions and experiences we have gathered throughout our life and an experienced therapist can identify points where there are blockages, to help relieve energy or tension that would otherwise remain stuck. This may involve holistic massage, gentle touch and even deep tissue work in some cases. Each session is based around an understanding of specific problems or considerations. I believe that a treatment should leave you feeling lighter, relaxed, refreshed and revitalised, ready to engage more positively with life”.

She further added: “…holistic massage sessions are a healing experience designed to help clients get in touch with themselves at a deeper level. This helps them express a more authentic and healthier version of themselves. Clients report feeling more grounded, engaged, inspired, less anxious and more joyful. They also report improvements in mental and physical wellbeing and feel they are able to engage better with others.”

What are the benefits of Holistic Massage?

It is believed that the main benefits of Holistic Massage can be categorised as follows:

Physical: Skeletal, muscular, nervous system related improvements.
Emotional: Feelings, trauma, sensations, emotional release type improvements.
Mental: Improvements for Clarity, stress-release, anxiety, depression, etc.
Spiritual: More connected, grounded, positive, loving, and similar improvements.

Read also our dedicated page about deep tissue massage and sport massage for additional benefits listed there.

 Where is your Richmond Holistic Massage?

Healing Hands is based on no. 26 Richmond Hill. If you walk up the hill from town center, you will find us on the left hand-side on the corner with Lancaster Mews. We’re opposite the well-known Persian café and galleria. The full address is: 26 Richmond Hill, Richmond, TW10 6BD.

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