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Introduction to Back Pain

Back Pain Reason: This article is designed to help you understand Bacink Pain and How to Stop it. Back pain is a huge problem worldwide. According to the NHS “Back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, with lower back pain alone accounting for 11% of the total disability of the UK population.”

Back pain can range from mild discomfort to chronic pain that can severely impact daily life. Waking up with backpain is a tough start to a new day which can be stressful and frustrating. Back pain can impact the quality of our sleep and severely diminish the quality of life.

How to relieve severe Lower Back Pain

There are natural therapies, like Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Massage, as well as corrective exercises such as specific lower back pain exercises that can help us in our quest for natural pain relief. Over the counter pain relievers and medication (OTC) only deal with the symptoms without addressing the root cause. At Healing Hands, we achieve measurable results for clients suffering with persistent lower back pain -Back Pain Reason.

How to heal Lower Back Pain Fast

Chiropractors are trained to identify, diagnose and treat misalignment of the neuro-muscular-skeletal system to relief muscle pain. They are trained therapist who know how to safely relieve pain naturally using their hands and a few mechanical tools to deliver a style of physical therapy that promotes good posture, improved mobility and range of motion and natural pain relief -Back Pain Reason.

By aligning the muscular and skeletal system the nerve flow is maximised improving the brain body communication. This allows the body to heal itself and recover from the injury and underlying back pain. The speed for healing of lower back pain will depend on several individual variables such as: The age of the patient, the length of time the injury or issue has been present, the extent and severity of the issue causing back pain, the ability of the person’s nervous system to integrate the changes that Chiropractic provides, etc.

How to Prevent Back Pain when Sleeping

A deep 8-9 hours of restorative sleep is essential for allowing the body to heal and carry out repairs and essential maintenance task such as detoxification, energy production and cognitive functions such as decision making, language, categorisation, and memory -Back Pain Reason.

Preventing back pain can improve the quality of our sleep and there’s a strong correlation between insomnia and musculoskeletal pain (MSK). Sleep deprivation in studies has shown to cause MSK pain.

Reason #1: Poor Sleep Position

One of the most common reasons for waking up with back pain is a poor sleep position. Sleeping in a bad position can strain the back muscles and cause pain. To improve your sleep position, it is essential to use a supportive pillow or mattress and avoid sleep-positions laying on the stomach. Instead, sleep on your back or side with a pillow between your knees for better spinal alignment.

Reason #2: Stress

Stress can also cause muscle tension and lead to back pain. Techniques such as meditation, Pilates, and deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress levels and alleviate back pain. Practicing mindfulness techniques before bed can also help promote restful sleep -Back Pain Reason.

Reason #3: Lack of Exercise

Living a sedentary lifestyle can weaken the back muscles and contribute to pain. Incorporating simple exercises into your daily routine can help improve back strength and flexibility. Exercises can include Pilates and stretching routines. Walking, swimming, and cycling are also great low-impact exercises that can help alleviate back pain -Back Pain Reason.

Reason #4: Poor Diet

Eating a diet lacking in essential nutrients can contribute to back pain. Nutrient-rich foods such as leafy greens, lean proteins, and foods high in vitamin D and calcium and magnesium can help promote a healthy back. A balanced diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can help keep the body healthy and prevent back pain.

Reason #5: Underlying Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions such as arthritis or herniated discs can cause back pain. If your back pain persists or worsens despite lifestyle changes, it is essential to see a healthcare professional or experienced Chiropractor. They can help diagnose underlying medical conditions and provide options for health care.

Reason #6: Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls can bring on sudden injury resulting in back pain. When there are imbalances in the neuro-muscular-skeletal system we are more likely to suffer from slips and falls due to the reduced brain body communication impairing our balance and coordination.

A big part of our balance and coordination has to do with proprioception, which means the ability of our body to sense where we are in space and time.

Reason #7: Accidents and Traumas

Road traffic accidents, sport injuries, traumatic events, and whiplash are just of the ways in which back pain can come on suddenly. It’s essential to treat these types of accidental and traumatic injuries at the earliest opportunity -Back Pain Reason.

How to prevent Back Pain Exercises

Many of our clients ask us about techniques on how to relieve back pain fast at home. If that’s you, you’ll enjoy reading our article about 7 exercises for preventing lower back pain. Prevention is always better than a cure, Chiropractic can assist you with both the prevention as well as treating the cause of your back pain through corrective exercises and stretches, ergonomic advice and regular chiropractic adjustments, postural correction therapy, and other treatment options.

How I Cured My Lower Back Pain Reviews

This is the testimony of one of our clients who was kind enough to leave us a review stating: “I am a young man (mid 20s) but have suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years due to poor exercise and too much sitting down. I finally experienced relief from this pain within the first week of attending Healing Hands; a relief that has a quality which is hard to express. Since then, my development has been improving with each session and I’ve seen clear, objective improvements in my spine and posture. Excellent service.”

Whilst individual results vary it just goes to show that with the right approach it is possible to heal from persistent lower back pain, even after 10 years or more.

We love getting measurable results for our clients and would love it if you came to us and experienced a similar healing transformation.

Back Pain How to Stop it FAQs

Can I share this Back Pain How to Stop it guide?

Yes absolutely, go ahead and spread the love. We want as many readers as possible to benefit, even if they are not within geographical reach of our London Chiropractic Clinic. If you re-share the article, please leave the contents intact, that’s all we ask and make sure it includes a link back our site.

How can I adjust my posture to stop back pain?

That’s a great question! The quickest way to adjust your posture to stop back pain is through Chiropractic care, corrective exercises and stretches, soft tissue manipulation and applying ergonomics to your work and living space. An experienced Chiropractor will stabilise, correct, and optimise your posture to prevent and ease back pain.

There’s great free content about ergonomics on YouTube to get you started and you will also find great free content on our channels and website with quick and effective excercises and stretches you can do to prevent postural decline and discomfort.

Back Pain How to Stop it Summary

In summary, back pain is a widespread problem that can significantly impact daily life, especially when you’re waking up with it. A poor sleep position, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, and underlying medical conditions are some of the most common reasons for waking up with back pain.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to alleviate the pain, such as Chiropractic care as it offers a wholistic approach to rebalancing your body, improving your posture, reducing pain and optimising your nervous system for improved brain-body communication, increased vitality, better sleep and a more resilient tolerance to stress.

One of our experienced Chiropractors can guide you on how to improve your sleeping position, practice stress-reducing techniques, incorporate exercise into your routine, eat a balanced diet, and more. There are several videos on our social media channels and blog section.

By taking proactive steps, you can prevent and alleviate back pain for a better quality of life. If you want to start your healing journey book a new patient examination with one of our Healing Hands Chiropractors to get clear insight and guidance .